for us, architecture is giving form in a meaningful way

An abstract idea comes alive within a set context and results in a uniquely designed spatial story. This is how we create valuable places for people, society and the environment.

In a dynamic and fast digitalising world architecture has a wonderful slowness, but simultaneously brings a large responsibility that we eagerly take.

We are architecten van Mourik.






Architecten van Mourik was founded by Dick van Mourik (1921-2018) in 1955. With the assignment for a new head office of IBM in Uithoorn the office got off to a flying start. What characterizes the entire oeuvre, is that its projects are a striking translation of the assignment in which the character of the client, the programmatic possibilities and the potential of the environment have been brought together. Today, that is still the case. There is the Horst UT (1963), Dr Anton Philipszaal (1987), Fortis Bank (1995) and the KABK (1999). In its 60 years of age, the office has had several episodes and is now in its fourth episode. During its 50th anniversary, a triptych was written about the first three episodes of the office.