GCC Emergency Management Centre Kuwait

Acting in a time of emergency means that the loss of seconds cannot be afforded. When every second counts, communication systems and emergency facilities should be well equipped and reliable. Everything needs to be under control.

To keep everything under control, optimal communication between the different members of staff and task forces is essential. Therefore a maximum of transparency in the interior is strived for, by which a maximum overview of all actions is assured. If necessary, parts of the interior have to be physically and visually separated from each other, by which confident tasks can be performed undisturbed.

The overall used material will be a perfect match to the intended use and the character of the space and will be extremely sustainable. To be able to stay focused on the screens, the emergency management room is designed with materials that minimize visual impact but embody the concept of being in control. 

The furniture within the room is specifically produced for the GCC emergency management centre. The control room tables meet the highest international standards. Its materials are durable, sustainable and easy to and maintain. 

On a technical level the concept of plug and play is applied. That means all the parts are easy to replace. If repair is necessary, parts can simply be unplugged and be repaired in a separate room without disturbing the environment of the control room itself.








Kuwait City, Kuwait

Gulf Cooperation Council

2016 - present

scope of assignment

Piet Grouls, Maarten van Capelleveen, Jasper Spigt, Bertus van Woerden, Klaas Herrema, Cees de Jong

Zwijger Security

construction budget / construction costs