Housing and Care centre Westhovenplein

Changes in legislation has large consequences for the housing and care environment in the Netherlands. Formerly, these centres directed the provision of care, while this responsibility has now shifted to the residents themselves. Architects of Mourik for Westhove Square designed a building complex in which the necessary care can be provided in a home environment as much as possible. Within the housing complex, inhabitants are permanently enabled to meet others, and thereby to be part of a community.
The design consists of five buildings that have been informally arranged around an open community garden that is separated from the public space by raised edges. A collective garden room per building enables meeting with others and strengthens the relationship with the garden that is accessible to all residents. The balconies are located on the corners of the buildings, by which its inhabitants can fully enjoy a wide panorama and the sun.
The buildings are designed to the principle of "life cycle sustainability", making it possible to transform the project in the course of time, so that different programmes can be housed.


The Hague

Syntrus Achmea / Stebru Groep

march 2014 - now

scope of assignment
64 apartments for elderly; 78 care apartements; 1000 m2 care facilities

scope in mē gross floor area
15000 m2

Piet Grouls, Bertus van Woerden, Sjoerd Dantuma, Klaas Herrema, Wesley Leeman, Maarten van Capelleveen, Bart Dessens, Jochem Kok, Gert Leltz, Abdullah Zurel

Spindler Installatietechniek, Bartels Ingenieurs, Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs

construction budget / construction costs
EUR 20.000.000