Utrecht County Council

The former VSB banking building, which was designed by Architecten Van Mourik, has been transformed into a housing project for Utrecht County Council. The County Hall is easily recognisable from afar, due to its high slender volume dominating the Utrecht city skyline. The State Hall, situated inside the former auditorium, is the heart of the County Hall and the County’s democracy. The openings in the façade are enlarged, as a result of which it literally presents itself to its citizens. In addition to this, the main entrance has been transformed into an accessible informal plaza, which ends in a restaurant, with a patio facing the garden. The office floors have been arranged to facilitate a modern work ethic. Each floor offers a variety of conference spaces and workstations. In the centre of every office floor you can find a “living room table” contained by a furniture unit comprising a wardrobe, lockers, pantry and cupboard space. The 16th floor contains the managers’ floor with double height ceilings, overlooking the city of Utrecht, housing the Queen’s commissioner (i.e. the head of the County) and delegates.

headoffice Fortis PI.

Archimedeslaan, Utrecht

Provincie Utrecht

2010 - 2012

scope of assignment
preliminary design and final design; supervision from the detailed design.

scope in mē gross floor area

Peter Vermeulen, Joost Glissenaar, Max van Steen, Joyce de Grauw, Willem van der Burgh, Marieke Bonants, Yvonne Brant, Lotte Zaaijer, Stephan van Doorn, Wouter Laros, Wouter Jan van Wezel, Sjoerd Dantuma, Piet Grouls

Brink Leidschendam (projectmanagement)
Deerns Rijswijk (installations)
Peutz Zoetermeer (building physics)
Aronsohn Rotterdam (construction)

construction budget / construction costs
€ 15.600.000