regional control room Haaglanden

The Haaglanden Public Safety and Security Agency, the Regional Coordination Centre (ICC) and the regional emergency dispatch centre are housed on the top floors of the tower of the Yp multifunctional cluster. These floors are subject to the strictest security requirements. The Public Safety and Security Agency is organized according to the principles of Het Nieuwe Werken (flex space, or alternative work strategies), which centre on communication among employees. There is a variety of flexible workstations, consultation stations and large conference rooms. The Regional Coordination Centre is organized around the Regional Operations Team (ROT), in which the fire department, the Regional Medical Assistance Organization (GHOR), municipal authorities and the police come together to respond to large-scale disasters and events. The ROT space is an organizational heart and must function optimally. The interior design supports this. The regional emergency dispatch centre is a space designed to the level of functional and technological perfection. The interior of the space, for example, is acoustically optimized by the design of two walls and the integration of acoustic equipment in the furniture. In collaboration with Rohde & Grahl, architecten van Mourik developed an emergency dispatch console especially for this project. This is a freely adaptable and height-adjustable console with room for four screens and a wide and shallow desktop made of an indestructible and tactilely pleasing material. The console is now seen as the new standard for emergency dispatch centres in the Netherlands.

de Architect

Ypenburg, The Hague

veiligheidsregio Haaglanden

2009 - 2013

Piet Grouls, Joyce de Grauw, Klaas Herrema, René Souverijn, Max van Steen