Junkie hotel

The ‘Junkie Hotel’ on the Maliebaan in Utrecht provides accommodation for 28 homeless people addicted to hard drugs. Behind the monumental façade – a listed national landmark – are two identical building sections, one behind the other, with a facilities zone in between housing stacked ‘service modules’ of various dimensions. Distributed over three storeys in the building sections are the rooms of all the residents as well as the communal living room and kitchen. On the ground floor, immediately behind the monumental façade, are the reception, administration, conference room, kitchen and treatment room. Two entrances, on either side of the façade, provide access to the two building sections and connect both sides of the facilities zone. In the facilities zone, the ground floor houses facilities for the wardens, while the upper floors house ‘service modules’ containing kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, storage space and utilities. The ‘service modules’ are identifiable by an ivy print that gives each floor an identity and also mitigates the transition from inside to outside for the homeless addicts.

Nominated for the LAi Prize 2004

Architectural RecordDHDTaiwan Architect, Architektura murator, False Flat, Frame, PI, Architecture aujourdhui, BOB

Maliebaan, Utrecht

GG&GD, Utrecht

2002 - 2004

scope of assignment
full assignment

scope in mē gross floor area
1,000 m²


Joost Glissenaar, Klaas van der Molen, Joris Voorn

construction budget / construction costs