Centrum Muziek XXI

The “Centrum Muziek XXI” music centre offers rehearsal rooms for small-scale music ensembles. The architecture gives this residential area in Utrecht its own identity. This compact 3-tier volume heads up a row of houses. At the side facing the houses, the roof has been cut off at a 45°angle. The angle was determined by the amount of light entering the neighbouring homes and gardens. Inside the building, volumes for the use of music studios and try out halls have been separately positioned. In the space in between these areas, the functions that depend on daylight (entrance hall, staircase, lobby and office) are situated. This whimsically shaped space is a location for meetings and a place to appreciate the location. A monochrome colour scheme unites this conglomerate of volumes and in-between space. The two closed music volumes with their green aluminium boarded profile are reminiscent of a ‘cultural warehouse’. The façade of the area between the two volumes consists of tinted sun-reflecting glass in four different green tints, depending on function and surface area size.

Selected for Rietveldprijs 2011 award Rietveldprijs1000x european architecture

Loevenhoutsedijk, Utrecht

SWK art accommodation, Utrecht

2004 - 2009

scope of assignment
all design stages

scope in mē gross floor area
1.000 m2

Klaas van der Molen, Martijn van den Ban, Judith Dorlandt

Pieters Bouwtechniek, Utrecht (construction)
W+R Installatie adviseurs, Maarsen (installations)

construction budget / construction costs
€ 1.400.000