You can only judge the degree to which a building measures up to the demands of sustainability subsequently. It mainly includes expressing expectations and formulating conditions beforehand.
They contain for instance energy use, comfort, adaptive quality, flexibility, multifunctional use, use of material and especially smart and appropriate design. The potential of the location is used optimally, and installations are implemented according to the principle “naturally when possible, mechanically when necessary”. For the use of material Architecten van Mourik have developed the “Lifespan durability” method. Herein the demands concerning sustainability are linked to the expected life span op building components. This method is based on scenarios in which the shortest expected life span determines the outline for a sustainable application of materials. The full research is accessible under the chapter ‘research’ on this website. By involving a variety of specialists in an early stage of the projects, we guarantee a sustainable design, related to the latest knowledge.

Sustainability is an integral part of of our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified quality- and environmental management system. At the start of the complete design process we fixate our ambition in sustainability and after every design phase we evaluate if the design meets these ambitions. Internally we use GPR Gebouw 4.1 as a measuring instrument as a standard. Besides that we are also familiar with measuring instruments as BREEAM and Greencalc+.