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Rotterdam Municipality, Port of Rotterdam and the Schreudersgroup Foundation (SSG) have agreed to take preparations for the development of a small scale floating city district in the Maashaven. Architects Van Mourik is part of the design team.

On behalf of the concerned parties, Hans Van Rossum (area developer Urban Development), Jeroen Steens (Main Port Development Port of Rotterdam) and Jos van der Vegt (chairman of the Schreudersgroup Foundation) signed the cooperation agreement today. The Schreudersgroup Foundation aims to implement a new form of urban development, to make historic inner city harbors a source of employment, housing, education and recreation. The initiative of the Schreudersgroup Foundation fits into a trend of demand-driven urban development. Rotterdam Municipality and Port of Rotterdam will facilitate the SSG in the definition of boundary conditions. The pilot project includes a site at the size of two berths on the eastern part of the Maashaven.

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